v0.5.0 Latest Release

  • Added flag to follow move events on specified subject paths, in order to continue watching them even if they’re moved out of the current tree view.


v0.4.0 Release

  • Updated securityContext definitions to only include required capabilities (SYS_ADMIN and SYS_PTRACE).

  • Updated OpenShift SecurityContextConstraints definitions to only include required capabilities, remove privileged requirements.


v0.3.0 Release

  • Renamed fim-k8s to Argus.

  • Bugfix in argusd including better stability for the distributed nature of creating, updating, and deleting watchers on the fly; especially when events are streaming in.


v0.2.0 Release

  • Added option for secure gRPC communication with mTLS to both argusd and argus-controller.

  • Updated definitions for using insecure or secure options.


v0.1.0 Pre-Release

  • Initial functionality of both argusd and argus-controller.

  • Added preliminary tests for argus-controller.

  • Definitions for vanilla K8s, OpenShift, and Helm to deploy via argus.

  • Documentation hosted out of argus.